How to Ensure a DRY AND LEAK-FREE Basement in your new home

Most people wouldn't dream of not carrying home insurance against fire and theft.

But... did you know that insurance statistics show
* Only one home in 5,000 is ever hit by fire
*Just one home in 250 is burglarized

However, one in 8 homes experiences some form of basement leak or water damage not covered by insurance !!

DELTA-MS basement wrap is a new, proven way to protect your home's basement and foundation against water damage - one of the best, most economical forms of "insurance" you'll ever invest in, and there's no deductible! No new home should be without it. DELTA-MS protects your valuable investment with a 20-year written warranty that's transferable to future owners of the home.
That adds value to your home as well.

What is DELTA-MS??

DELTA-MS is an extremely tough and durable plastic membrane that "wraps" around your foundation to keep it warm and dry. It has unique "dimples" that serve to provide an "air-gap" and between damp soil and your dry foundation wall. The dimples interlock to allow sections of DELTA-MS to provide a water fast seal.

DELTA-MS protects 6 ways:

1) Keeps ground water away from foundation walls

2) Bridges cracks and gaps in the foundation.

3) Protects foundation walls from cracking due to stress caused by"
a) water freezing and unfreezing in the surrounding soil.
b) settling of soil around the foundation.

4) Ventilates the foundation concrete and allows it to breath and dry.

5) Collects condensation. The air gap supplied by DELTA-MS keeps the foundation slightly warmer than the DELTA-MS membrane. Moisture wicks out of the concrete and condenses on the DELTA-MS, not in or on the basement walls. That means no musty odours and a drier basement.

6) Supplies a path for any moisture that does collect between the foundation and the DELTA-MS membrane so that it flows down harmlessly to the drainage bed.

DELTA-MS Ground Water Controls:

One of the distinctive properties of water is that it is an extremely stable compound, (H20) which is virtually impossible to compress in a fixed space in its liquid form. Water molecules always occupy the same amount of space, and water under pressure must always find a way out. This is why even tiny cracks in a foundation treatment will become conduit for water in rain-drenched soils.
- water will always seek out and force its way into areas of lowest pressure.

DELTA-MS is made of strong, semi-rigid, polyethylene and installed in such a manner as to form an effective barrier to water. One key component of this product however, is that this dimpled membrane provides a drainage path for any water that does collect along the foundation wall. The continuous air gap supplied by this dimpled plastic sheet represents a path of least resistance, allowing water to flow harmlessly down to the drainage bed at the foundation, instead of through hairline cracks in the foundation wall.

DELTA-MS and frozen ground water:

Why do cracks eventually show up in basement and foundations, even when workmanship is flawless?
In northern climates, the prime reason is the repeated stress of water and soil expanding and contracting due to seasonal changes in the moisture content of expansive, moisture sensitive (clay) soils, and freezing of suspended water during winter, (ad-freezing). As water warms, it also causes minor settlement in soil around the foundation.

DELTA-MS greatly reduces cracking of the foundation in two ways. First, it acts as a "slip-sheet" allowing for some movement between the soil and the foundation. Secondly, the air-gap buffers the foundation against expansion and contraction due to freeze-thaw cycles.

DELTA-MS Condensation Control:

Water is not only in the soil but also in the air around the inside of the foundation or basement. No water protection system can be completely successful unless it takes this into consideration. As water condenses out to the air, it will do so on the coldest surface. In most foundations, the cold surface is on the inside of the wall, since it maintains a temperature to that of the ground with which it is in contact. As a result, unless there is constant mechanical ventilation to remove moisture laden air, such basements are likely to be wet or damp.

The key to controlling water here is to protect the foundation from excessive condensation. DELTA-MS provides an exterior surface where condensation can form. The air-gap between the DELTA-MS and the foundation wall ventilates the concrete and acts as a thermal barrier to keep the foundation slightly warmer than the surrounding soil. Air-borne moisture wicks out of the concrete and is deposited on the DELTA-MS which is in direct contact with and at the same temperature as the soil. The condensation collects on the DELTA-MS and flows harmlessly down the air-gap to drainage tiles below.


Q: What's wrong with Tar?
A: The use of bitumen tar products began when people began using their basements for other than storage, and attempted to prevent water from seeping through the cacks. In those days, they also used wood chips for insulation in the stud walls, but times have changed, and new technology has improved on basic building techniques.

Q: If tar doesn't work, why do they still use it?
A: The best answer is cost - its really cheap, and offers the minimum moisture protection prescribed by the building code. Another reason is simple public awareness. Many home owners do not give the basement proper consideration when planning a home. A lot of people assume that basement dampness and leaks cannot be prevented in this climate, but they are wrong.

Q: If my builder uses tar, isn’t my home still protected under the New Home Warranty program?
A: The New Home Warranty program covers structural defects only. Basement leakage would need to be addressed directly
to the builder. The thin bitumen coating (tar) applied to foundations begins to break down and leach into the soil after
about 10 years, after which your basement is fully exposed to the cold wet soil.

Q: What is the warranty on DELTA-MS
A: The DELTA-MS warranty is the best in the business. A 20 year warranty on the product and a 7 year warranty on the installation, backed by the manufacturer Cosella-Dorken products of Beamsville, Ontario.

Q: What happens after 20 years? Does the product break down like tar?
A: No. DELTA-MS is made of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) a plastic. It will outlast the structure. When the warranty was offered in Canada in 1993, it had already been in use in Germany for about 20 years, so that was the period of the warranty, and this hasn't changed.

Q: Is DELTA-MS only put on new homes or can it be applied to older homes as well?
A: DELTA-MS is designed to get the water away from the foundation and into the drain tile. As long as your older home has drain (weeping) tile, it can be applied to your home, however there is additional cost involved with excavating the soil around the home. (NOTE: click HERE to see photos on the foundation repairs page of this website)

Q: My basement only leaks in the spring. Why? A: It is likely that you have a small hole or crack in your foundation wall. In the springtime, water is present on top of the frozen substrate. It is unable to penetrate down to the drainage tiles, and is under pressure from the weight of the water on top, thus being forced through the crack or hole. In the summer, the water is able to penetrate the soil to the weeping tile, except during very heavy rain, and consequently, isnt forced through the crack. DELTA-MS provides a path to the drainage tile year round. No leaks - Guaranteed in writing!!