Basement Repairs

F.W.C. Systems Inc. can repair basement leaks from the inside or the outside using DELTA-MS® waterproofing membrane.

The most effective way to prevent damp, leaking, mouldy basements is to excavate the perimeter and install DELTA-MS membrane and new weeping tile.
The DELTA-MS acts like a “big blanket” that wraps around the basement to direct water to the weeping tile and away from the foundation. It also prevents  moisture (dampness) from wicking through the porous concrete to keep the basement envelope warm and dry.

F.W.C. Systems Inc. has had 10 years experience repairing leaky basements.

For a more complete explanation of how DELTA-MS works, please visit
the DELTA-MS factory site or review the FAQ link attached to this website.

F.W.C. Systems Inc. also does structural repairs to old crumbling basement walls, either repairing them or replacing them. This includes whole house lifts and Foundation replacement with arxx ® Insulated concrete forms.